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Q: What is Action Pistol?

Action Pistol is a live shooting venue having separate shooting stages with both paper and steel targets. Review the archive photos and videos on this web site for a better look.

Q: Who can participate in Action Pistol?

Both centerfire and rimfire are welcome.   22 rimfire, 38-45 caliber centerfire

Our goal is to have in our community a pleasurable and safe shooting venue for both young and old, encompassing a broad range of shooting talent.

Q: Who covers the costs?

Our sponsors have a personal goal as well: to generate income for the Lucerne Valley Lions Club’s charities. All associated costs to operate Action Pistol are paid for by our sponsors. All monies collected from gate fees and individual donations are forwarded to the Lions Club.

Q: When is Action Pistol?

Come join us on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Happy Shooting!

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