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Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to everyone that supported the match Sunday. We had a great time and lots of people won prizes, over $500!!! It was a good day!!!

Shotgun looks like it is here to stay. An overwhelming majority want shotgun. Were here to make the shooters happy, so shotgun it is. I understand not everyone is equipped with a shotgun capacity of 9 rounds. That’s where we ultimately need to be. A good tube extension, follower and your good to go. If you need help, let me know. For now we will keep the maximum loaded rounds in the shotgun at 5. You can count on having to reload on the fly, cause were not stopping at 5 rounds. Reloading a shotgun is part of shooting it.

In a few days I will send out the Stages for March St. Patricks Day Shoot. This will help you better plan your needs. If you do not want to shoot the Shotgun portion of the Stage, just pass it up. I will take the shooting times and get an average and apply that to your time. I think it will work out close enough to not effect the final order of placement. If this does not work we will try something else. Give me your ideas.

When coming to the shoot with your shotguns, make sure they are unloaded and you have a chamber flag installed. If you are not transporting your Shotgun in a cart, please remove your shotgun from the container, keeping it pointed up or in a safe direction. Put your Shotgun in the Shotgun Rack. Leave it there until it is your time to shoot. REMEMBER, UNLOADED, CHAMBER FLAG, POINTED UP OR IN A SAFE DIRECTION.

In April we have a competition after the regular Action Pistol Shoot. It is capped at 20 shooters. The cost is $25. The prize is $500 Cash. 2 Stages of Hell. 30 rounds, best time takes the money. Register online

Remember to promote our match and bring a friend, See you March 18!

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