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  • Craig Oehme

What’s a John Venard?

John Venard is many things, but first and foremost he’s the “Father” of our Action Pistol Match. Many years ago Action Pistol was in or around Big Bear and John was the Match Director. One day Action Pistol needed a new home. John and his wife Tera joined the Lions Club and made the Lions Club Action Pistols new home. For many years John and his wife kept Action Pistol alive, generating money for charity and a safe place to shoot.

I met John at the Apple Valley Gun Club. John was my mentor, teaching me about firearms and shooting. A rare friend I will never forget. Then came change. The Venards made the move to Arizona to retire. This left Action Pistol without leadership.

To keep the Venards memory alive, we do it today. We do it today just like the Venards, to generate income for charity, and provide the shooting community with a safe and fun enviroment to shoot.

So each and every Fathers Day Match we will celebrate the Venards contribution to our shooting community by recognizing him as the “Father of Action Pistol HD”

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